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Welcome To Bomberbot

Bomberbot has been created by Studio Krok, a company that loves technology and is very aware of the importance of bringing this knowledge to all people around the world in a funny way and show that developing these skills will give people intellectual opportunities for a lifetime.

Our intention when creating Bomberbot was to produce an environment in which children can develop different skills in a fun way and that they can use a game as an essential part to their personal development.

Players of Bomberbot can choose their own Robot, give it a name and design its color scheme. Each Robot will evolve to a bigger and more complete Robot the more it is played with. Players interact with a visual and simple programming language with which they will be able to control their Robot. We're hard at work dreaming up all sorts of new features to expand the game play and show to kids that creating things online and let their imagination fly is possible in a safe and fun environment. Stay tuned!

If you're a parent and have questions about the educational and safety issues related to the game, please visit this page.

For any other queries, questions, thoughts or ideas, please feel free to get in touch.

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